Massaging Baby: benefits and essential advice

Massage is a beneficial practice for promoting Baby’s well-being and development. As well as strengthening the parent-child bond, it offers numerous health and sensory development benefits.

How to help baby fall asleep

Ensuring that baby falls asleep peacefully is essential for his well-being. But helping him to fall asleep can be a daunting task for some parents. Here are a few practical tips and tricks to help you do just that

Ensuring your baby sleeps safely

Sleep is a vital part of baby’s development. Parents are always looking to ensure their little one gets a safe and restorative rest. Here we’ll share tips and tricks to help you promote safe sleep for your precious little one.

How to respond to mockeries?

We mock your child “You look like Spock!”, “It’s looks like elephant Dumbo!”… The first rule isn’t to belittle these probably inevitable mockeries, but not to overreact either. If you hear about it from your child, it means that he is affected, and therefore it’s necessary to support him and to keep a good listening […]

My baby has big ears, I’m worried about it

Many parents, especially moms, worry when their baby has protruding ears. While parents obviously find their newborn the most beautiful baby of all, one of their first concerns is the future taunting : “What will happen when my child faces his classmates’ mockery?” His sticking-out ears are a source of teasing A mother testifies: “Kids can […]