How to help baby fall asleep

Ensuring that baby falls asleep peacefully is essential for his well-being. But helping him to fall asleep can be a daunting task for some parents. Here are a few practical tips and tricks to help you do just that.

Create a soothing atmosphere:

First of all, create a calm and comfortable environment conducive to sleep by furnishing baby’s bedroom. It should be dark and quiet to help your baby fall asleep. Avoid stimuli such as noisy games just before bedtime. Control the temperature to keep it comfortable and use a nightlight to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Establish a bedtime routine:

As well as a relaxing atmosphere, establish a regular bedtime routine to signal to your baby that it’s time to go to sleep.                                                                                                                                                 A warm bath followed by a story or lullaby is a good way to help your baby relax. While reading or singing, you can also soothe your baby by gently stroking him or holding his hand. This physical contact will strengthen the emotional bond between you and baby and help to calm him down, just like a massage.

Massage for relaxation:

Light massages can also promote relaxation.

Pour a few drops of massage oil – such as sweet almond oil – into your hands and rub them together. This will warm them up before placing them on your baby. This soft, warm contact creates a moment of happiness between you and your baby. Toddlers sleep better thanks to a hormone released during the massage: oxytocin. This hormone produces a feeling of happiness and well-being.

This helps baby relax considerably and prepare mentally for sleep.

Meeting baby’s needs:

To help baby fall asleep, it’s also crucial to pay attention to his signals. If baby seems agitated or is crying, offer him comfort and cuddles to help him calm down. Check that his nappy is clean and that he’s not too hot or too cold. Make sure he’s not hungry and that he’s comfortable.

For babies who need it, rocking or breastfeeding can be effective in helping them fall asleep.

Responding to baby’s needs helps to create a secure environment and is therefore conducive to peaceful sleep.

The bedtime routine establishes a relaxing and reassuring environment, conducive to falling asleep quickly and peacefully.

However, whether it’s reading a story, a cuddle or a massage, this ritual should not exceed fifteen minutes. This time limit helps to reinforce the feeling of security.

Before leaving the room, use a ritual phrase and leave quietly.

By putting these tips into practice, you can help your baby fall asleep more easily and enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep. Creating a soothing atmosphere and establishing a consistent routine each night can help baby recognise sleep signals. By creating an atmosphere that helps your baby fall asleep, you’re helping to promote his well-being and development.

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