Baby’s Bonnette

Baby's Bonnette ®

A bonnet to prevent baby's protruding ears

By moving their head in their cradle, maxi-cosi, car seat, deckchair, or simply held into the arms, babies can have their ears folded over, causing small cuts and possibly leading to sticking-out ears. A solution has been especially imagined to avoid this problem of folded over ears: Baby’s Bonnette®.

Baby’s Bonnette® is an ingenious fully adjustable hat from birth to 18 months old : from 34 cm to 51 cm of head perimeter.
Its high elasticity allows it to adapt to each morphology. The removable top ribbon ensures a first adjustment of the bonnet : you can remove the ribbon and reposition it to the desired height (see more details about this setting here).

The ribbon at the top of the cap is removable for initial adjustment. You can then remove it and reposition it at the desired height. The second adjustment is the two small straps that fasten under the chin. Practical, they close the cap in a single gesture. What’s more, they feature three snap fasteners for precise adjustment of the cup closure. Baby’s Bonnette ® offers the only safe, effective and comfortable solution to the problem of folded ears.



Efficient and easy to use

Thanks to its ultra stretchable knit, Baby’s Bonnette® gently holds your baby’s ears close to the head, without compressing them. Close Baby’s Bonnette® easily with the push buttons under the chin in one move!


Baby’s Bonnette® perfectly fits your baby’s head, allowing the scalp to breathe. Your baby can hear normally thanks to the loose weave. Superlight and extremely soft, it provides your baby with a “second skin” effect.


Baby’s Bonnette® is suitable for babies up to 18 months. It fits head perimeter from 13,4 to 19,7 inches (34 to 51 cm). The depth of the bonnet can be altered with the adjustable top ribbon. Further adjustment is provided by press studs on the straps at the level of the chin.


Innovative, Baby’s Bonnette® is the first patented device especially designed to prevent your baby from sleeping on a folded ear or twisting his ears during the activities of the day.

Baby’s Bonnette® is washable and reusable.

Unsuitable solutions

The solutions found so far to keep babies’ ears flat have been unsuitable and can be dangerous:

Medical tape

If you use medical tape, it can irritate and even damage their thin and delicate skin. It does not allow the skin to breathe and also presents a risk of breathlessness because the sticking tape can come loose and be swallowed by your child.


It can compress the baby’s skull, possibly causing headaches. It can also increase the risk of suffocation should it slip down onto their nose or onto their mouth.

Classic hat

It is not precisely adjustable to babies’ morphology and does not allow the scalp to breathe. Besides, the problem is that it might not stay in place whenever your baby moves his head.

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Advice for use

If your baby wears earrings, remove them before using Baby’s Bonnette ® because they might be caught on the material of the bonnet.


Place your hands inside of the bonnet in order to spread it and slide it onto your baby’s head.

Adjust the straps with the press studs:

You should be able to easily fit your index finger between the straps and your baby’s neck.

Care instructions

  • Before each use of Baby’s Bonnette, make sure the straps as well as the press studs are in good condition and that the top strap is well tightened.
  • After each use of the bonnet, check under your baby’s earlobes to ensure they are clean.
  • Hand-wash the bonnet in soapy lukewarm water. Rinse it thoroughly and leave it to dry (do not tumble dry).
  • For more convenience, why not have a second Baby’s Bonnette to hand that can be used while the other bonnet is drying.
  • If the bonnet is damaged, torn or simply worn-out, do not use it anymore and replace it.

Additional information

Baby’s Bonnette cannot compress your baby’s head thanks to its ultra stretchy knit.

However, as a baby’s skin is extremely delicate, little marks may appear on his or her head after the first use. These marks will disappear after a few minutes.

Thanks to the loose weave, should the bonnet slide down onto your baby’s face, there is no risk of suffocation.

Baby’s Bonnette is entirely handmade, in France.

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