Bonnet for your baby's ears health

The first bonnet designed to prevent your baby's ears folding over

Baby’s Bonnette® is the first patented bonnet especially designed to prevent your baby’s ears folding over. It helps you hold your baby’s ears closer to the head. Ultra stretchable, it does not compress the head in any way and adapts to all babies from birth to 18 months old. Baby’s Bonnette® is a therapeutic device that can be used in a simple and safe way for your child. Helps correct folded over ears and protruding ears.

Ideal to gently hold back baby’s ears while sleeping,  Baby’s Bonnette® is cleverly designed to prevent baby’s ears from sticking-out. It offers your child a safe solution, keeping their ears in their natural position and fitting their head exactly for unique comfort.

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24,90€Patented and made in France
Coffret du Baby's Bonnette

Patented technology - High elasticity textile fiber

Medical material and hypoallergenic

Designed for your child's ears health
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Baby’s Bonnette® The first bonnet designed to solve the problem of folded over ears and to prevent baby’s protruding ears.

Baby’s Bonnette® is a therapeutic hat specially developed to hold back babies ears.
Numerous tests have enabled and led to its suitability for all cranial morphologies from birth to 18 months old.
Baby’s Bonnette® has been particularly designed for healthy baby ears. The materials used were rigorously chosen for baby’s comfort. Thus, the main fabric is ultra soft and hypoallergenic. No doubt baby will adopt it!


Benefice 1 de Babys bonnette

Baby’s Bonnette® is breathable to keep baby’s scalp dry. Baby’s Bonnette® evacuates the water vapour generated by perspiration through its loose weave.


Benefice 2 de Babys bonnette

Thanks to the elasticity and softness of its knit, Baby’s Bonnette® offers great comfort to your child. Fully adjustable and superlight, Baby’s Bonnette® lays low!