Baby's Bonnette

The 1st bonnet to prevent folding over ears

Patented for more than 10 years, Baby’s Bonnette® is ideal to gently hold back your baby's ears and is cleverly designed to prevent them from sticking-out. It offers your child a safe solution, keeping their ears in their natural position and fitting their head exactly for unique comfort.


Patented and manufactured
in France

Discover our 10-colour Baby’s Bonnette® range :


Innovative, Baby's Bonnette ® is the first device patented since 2012, specially designed to prevent babies from sleeping on one folded ear during sleep or turning their ears over during daytime activities.

Perfect fit

Ideal for gently flattening your baby's ears during long hours of sleep, Baby's Bonnette® is a clever bonnet which offers a solution specially adapted for the problem of ears which bend by holding them perfectly. It adapts to its cranial morphology for unique comfort.

Ultra stretchy

Baby's Bonnette® does not compress the head, it fits all babies from birth to 18 months. Unlike the headband or plaster, it is a simple and safe therapeutic device for your child. It helps correct baby's folded and turned ears.

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Baby's Bonnette

Patented bonnet that prevents baby's earsfrom folding over

Baby’s Bonnette® is a therapeutic bonnet specially developed to remedy the problem of turning baby’s ears

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Baby's Bonnette

The first hat designed to solve the problem of folded ears and prevent baby's protruding ears

Baby's Bonnette® is a therapeutic bonnet specially developed to remedy the problem of turning baby's ears. Numerous tests have made it possible to develop adaptability to all cranial morphologies from birth to 18 months.

  • Patented technology – High-elasticity textile fiber
  • Medical and hypoallergenic material
  • Designed for the health of your child’s ears

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