Our tips for cleaning baby’s ears

There are many ways to clean a baby’s ears. But when it comes to doing it for the first time, it can be intimidating. You’re afraid of hurting your little one.

So, to help you out, we’ve listed the best ways to clean baby’s ears.

Use a flannel

The best way to remove earwax is to use a soft flannel soaked in warm water.

First, soak the flannel in warm water and wring it out to remove excess water. Then use it to wipe the outer area of your baby’s ear to gradually clean away any wax that has leaked out.

Most of the wax will fall out on its own. The rest can be wiped away. Do not push the flannel into the ear canal.

Use baby ear drops

If the build-up is deep, you may need to use ear drops. Before using ear drops, make sure you use those recommended by your paediatrician.

Calm your baby down and keep him engaged in an activity, otherwise choose a time of day when your baby is generally quiet and rested.

Hold the bottle of ear drops in your palms to warm it slightly. Lay your baby on your lap with the blocked ear facing you.

Place the dropper close to your baby’s ear and gradually apply the solution until your baby’s ear canal is completely filled. Wait a few minutes for the solution to settle inside the ear.

Your baby may feel a strange sensation, so make sure you keep him calm. The ear drops soften the wax in the canal, which will then drain out of the ear.

Then soak a flannel in warm water, squeeze out the excess water and clean the ear. This treatment should be repeated for at least three to five days, as recommended by your doctor.

Safety tips to follow when cleaning your baby’s ears

It’s important to remember what not to do and what not to use when cleaning your baby’s ears.

The most important rule for cleaning an infant’s ears is for parents to refrain from using cotton buds. Practical as it may seem, cotton buds are known to push earwax further into the ear canal.

This exacerbates problems and leads to a build-up of earwax, resulting in blockage of the canal.

If the earwax problem starts to get worse, it is best to use baby earwax drops after consulting your baby’s paediatrician.

When to see a doctor

Take your baby to a paediatrician if there is an excessive build-up of wax in your baby’s ears and you are unable to remove the wax with the remedies mentioned above.

In addition, if there are any symptoms of infection such as a discharge of milky fluid, ear pain, fever or even hearing loss after the wax has been removed, consult your doctor as soon as possible.

Earwax is not harmful unless it accumulates in abnormal quantities or becomes infected. Choosing safe and prudent measures to clean your baby’s ears will prove beneficial.

However, if they don’t work and you notice something abnormal about your baby’s health, consult your paediatrician.

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