La primera gorra de protección anti-doblado de orejas


Su opinión sobre el Baby’s Bonnette

“My daughter’s ears were folding over a lot in her sleep and during the day in her baby’s chair or simply when I used to hold her in my arms .
Her ears were starting to stick out so I put her Baby’s Bonnette on as much as possible.
And today her ears look fine.”

Laura N.

I just wanted to send some quick feedback to let you know how pleased I am with the product and the results so far. My child has worn the bonnette now for just over 3 months (two months 24hrs a day, and since then only at night). The position of the ears has improved without a doubt.

This product, for me is a much less stressful and traumatic way of improving your child’s ear shape/positioning than taping. It is comfortable, breathable and hygienic and my child has shown no issue with wearing it on a regular basis.
Thank you for creating an affordable and comfortable solution to address the issue of protruding ears . I personally had ear correction surgery as an adult and I am beyond grateful for Baby’s Bonnette, to treat my child at a tender age.

Angela E.

Mi hija nació con una oreja doblada hacia arriba, así que se despega. Busqué en Internet y encontré soluciones como esparadrapos o cirugía de orejas. ¡Me sentí muy feliz cuando encontré Baby’s Bonnette y vi que el gorro era tan fácil de usar!

Todos los que me rodean opinan que está muy mona con el gorro. ¡Soy una cliente satisfecha! Aquí están las fotos del progreso después de 3 semanas de usar el gorro en mi niña de 2 meses. ¡Gracias de nuevo!

(Testimonio traducido del inglés)