Bonnet for your baby's ears health


Your reviews about Baby’s Bonnette

”My daughter’s ears were folding over a lot in her sleep and during the day in her baby’s chair or simply when I used to hold her in my arms .
Her ears were starting to stick out so I put her Baby’s Bonnette on as much as possible.
And today her ears look fine.”

Laura N.

I just wanted to send some quick feedback to let you know how pleased I am with the product and the results so far. My child has worn the bonnette now for just over 3 months (two months 24hrs a day, and since then only at night). The position of the ears has improved without a doubt.

This product, for me is a much less stressful and traumatic way of improving your child’s ear shape/positioning than taping. It is comfortable, breathable and hygienic and my child has shown no issue with wearing it on a regular basis.
Thank you for creating an affordable and comfortable solution to address the issue of protruding ears . I personally had ear correction surgery as an adult and I am beyond grateful for Baby’s Bonnette, to treat my child at a tender age.

Angela E.

My daughter was born with one ear that had been folded up, and therefore stuck out. I searched the web and found solutions such as taping or surgery for ears.

I was so happy to have found Babysbonnette website and that it was so easy to use! Everyone comments how cute it looks on her. I’m am one happy customer!! Here are my 3 week progress pictures of my 2 month old girl. Thanks again!

Amy B.

Our baby has been wearing the bonnette and it has not only prevented her ear from folding, but I believe it has also helped reshape her ear so that it doesn’t stick out. This is an amazing product and there is nothing like it in the US. Thank you for developing this and making it available for purchase. I am so pleased with the results that I have ordered two more. Many thanks! Happy holidays!

Samanta H.

Hi thank you I received the new bonnette. I thought I should also let you know that I have been to hospital in the ENT (ears, nose and throat) and shown them the bonnette which they have now advised to wear 24 hours a day for 4 months. They are interested in using it for a trial and maybe getting NHS funded. (…) your bonnet is so good as it’s comfortable for the baby.

Adrian & L’Anelle

Dear Sandrine
Thank you for the email regarding the Baby’s Bonnette. We are very pleased with it, and our 6 month old finds it very comfortable to wear at night with no problems. It certainly stops her from folding her ears over in her sleep!
Congratulations on an excellent product, and also the customer service.
Best Wishes

Laura N.

Dear Sandrine,
I received the Baby’s Bonnette in the mail today. It is exactly what I hoped it would be.
Thank you for your excellent customer service.

Taylor C.

I really like Baby’s Bonnette. It holds my baby’s ears back so great so they don’t fold over (…). Thank you

Isobel P.

The bonnette is working really well on my baby’s ears, am so glad I found you on the Internet!

Bess R.

Just wanted to let you know how well the bonnette worked!! Thank you for making such a great creation!!


Thanks for your email. It turned up this morning in the post!!
He is wearing it now and is sound asleep. It seems very comfortable and I’m sure it will have the desired effect on his ears.
Many thanks


Hello Sandrine (…) It’s perfect and there’s nothing like it in the States. I will be recommending your product to all my friends who are having babies. Thanks again! Best, Christina

Annette S.

Hi Sandrine The Bonnette arrived yesterday and I tried it out last night. It’s amazing it works as good as I hoped it would! Now finally I don’t have to check my baby constantly to make sure she hasn’t rolled her ears. What a great product thank you!

Bess R.

(…) He looked cute in it also!! I told my friends about it as well, should they have trouble with ears. Thanks again for a wondeful product! Feel free to put my comment on your page!!