Bonnet for your baby's ears health

A solution made of softness

As the mother of two little boys, I had already encountered this problem. Their ears folded back constantly and each time I had to put them back in place. When my daughter was born I noticed the same problem. And I became worried because her ears were starting to stick out. I also noticed small cuts behind them. So I started searching for a solution.

Medical tape, headbands, hats… all these seemed unsuitable and not adapted to babies. Therefore, I started to look for a solution of my own.

This is how Baby’s Bonnette was born: designed in the most comfortable and softest material I could find. For almost a year my daughter wore this bonnet everytime she slept. Finally the problem was solved, I had found a solution that worked. Many adjustments were necessary before the final bonnet was achieved. Right from the beginning of this adventure, the mothers I knew were instantly attracted to my invention. Then, encouraged by them, I decided to carry on sharing my creation with more parents.

This little bonnet, created for my daughter, had now become an innovative, comfortable and safe solution for all babies around the world.


The transcending experience

The transcending experience of Baby’s Bonnette is only the beginning of the adventure. In fact, this little bonnet, which was intended initially just for my baby, gave me new ideas. I was inspired to dream up further ideas which will be created in the near future.In order to present them, I went in search of a new name that would once again evoke this so marvellous connection with my three children.“Bébé-Neige” (“Snow-Baby” in English) came to me naturally as I remembered giving birth at home to my baby girl.This unique experience was like a gentle snowstorm where a thousand and one emotions combined. And suddenly, just one snowflake came down from the sky, pure and immaculate. My baby was born, my little “Bébé-Neige”.Sandrine